This is all about passion

Some years ago, my dear wife asked, “could we get a couple of chickens?” As you can imagine, it didn’t stop there.

Today we’re running a small countryside petting zoo and because of this and the rest of the farm, we’ve been working a lot with our neighboring farmers and other local producers in our area. I’ve been able to help them with web content and some marketing and because of the good results the line of help needers grew longer. Constantly I kept running into the same issues. Local producers need help with their visibility and sales and at the same time consumers and tourists are looking for local produce and authentic experiences.

I decided to create a tool to democratize the visibility of local producers and offer a one-stop channel for consumers to find the best that local communities have to offer.

Supporting local, ethical production and consumer awareness are growing global trends that put pressure on the food chain and the travel industry to answer the rising demand. It’s easy to ride on these megatrends but we should give recognition to our local producers, those that enrich our communities by producing the food we eat, the services we use and the experiences we gather in life.

ProLocalis offers consumers and tourists an option to mass production and crowded sights, but also a channel for stores and restaurants to source local produce and ingredients. We strive to create an entity for supporting trends to become lifestyles in favour of sustainable solutions.

While travelling the world, I noticed local communities’ variant skills in promoting their specialities, their local produce and pride. I’m convinced of how much these enrich our experiences and I hope ProLocalis can empower the lifestyle and all our communities and increase the value of local produce in Finland and globally.

For all producers of food and beverage, handcrafts and art, services and tourism experiences, be proud of what you do. Trust the power of your communities and develop your networks. Bring forth your products and services. There is a demand and we’re honored to help you.

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