The local food market in Elimäki

The “friends of local food” association arranges the yearly local food market at Elimäki, near Kouvola in Finland. This years theme was “Future food and food future”.

The venue area was full of life and one locally produced delicacy after the other, all from the area around Elimäki and Kouvola.

Local food and the support of local produce has been a growing trend. Consumer awareness has come to the point where people are more interested in the origin and the story behind the food and beverage, the handcrafts and the services they use. People prefer to support their local communities and are looking for more authentic real life experiences that can be found while travelling.

Fairs and events connect the consumers with the producers and offer the possibility to meet the hearts and minds behind the stories. To actually meet the producers and to be able to ask directly about the different conditions and methods is more than just shopping. The value of this interaction and the joy of our childrens experiences at these events is priceless.

Local producers brought live chicken and chicks, sheep farmers brought sheep, hides and wool products. The harvest season is on and the colour range at the stalls nurtures both your eyes and your soul. The baskets filled with carrots and beets smell of dirt and real taste.

The event is an amazing opportunity to find the best local produce, but also to get an unique experience.

Next years farmer’s market at Elimäki will be on September 7th – 8th 2019.

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