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Through our own experiences we encountered an opportunity to answer a growing demand. ProLocalis offers a modern, cost efficient and easy to use channel for local producers to increase their visibility and sales, disregarding technical know-how or marketing budgets.

The ProLocalis mobile app offers local consumers and tourists a channel to easily find locally produced products, services and authentic real life experiences.

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The mobile app

Mobile visibility is a must for any business and we make it easy with the ProLocalis app.

Web content

A website doesn’t need to be high tech and complex, it’s enough that it exists and works mobilly.


Today’s marketing is more versatile than before, but you don’t need to know and do everything yourself.

Growth and analytics

It’s time to get optimized. We’ll show you what, when and how!

Solutions for mobile visibilty

A modern tool for mobile visibility

We democratized the visibility of local producers and answered the demand from consumers and tourists with our simple mobile app.

Consumer awareness and responsibility are growing trends which are developing more pressure to support local producers. We help stores, restaurants and hotels connect with these, so they can provide a more transparent food chain and direct their guests to local authentic experiences.

We offer cities and municipal areas the opportunity to list their free sights, activities and events so people easily can find the best that local communities have to offer.

The ProLocalis mobile app

Download our app

Download our Browser Extension and create your producer profile.

Producer subscriptions

We’re currently developing our full commercial version. Until we launch in March 2019, all producers can list their products, share their story and register their in-app payment method for free. All pre-registered producers can benefit from the early bird offers for next years subscriptions. Even after the full version release, the basic visibility will be free for all producers.


Free visibility
0 /mo
  • Location on map
  • Company information
  • Contact information
  • Search words
  • SoMe-accounts


More tools for visibility
10 /mo
  • Basic features +
  • Add products
  • Add story
  • Pictures and video *
  • Marketing campaigns*
  • Mobile payment method #


We create and update your profile
  • All Marketing features +
  • Profile setup
  • Monthly updates

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Stripe Fees:
European User Accounts:
1.4% + 0.25€ European Cards
2.9% + 0.25€ Non European Cards

North American User Accounts
2.9% + 0.30c All Cards

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* Features available in the full version from March 2019

Extra services

  • Marketing campaigns (available from March 2019) starting from. 20,00€

    Inform potential customers about news, products, services and events. Select area and scale of your campaign. For example 20€ / 1000 displays within a 50km radius.

  • Production and optimization of media content starting from 250,00€

    Good pictures and videos of your products and services together with an appealing story attracts more customers.

Solutions for web content

We bring forth our local producers

We help local producers increase their visibility and digitalize. Many have fallen behind as technology has developed and many don’t have modern optimized web pages.

We create web content and marketing material and in addition we train and support our customers to get the most out of what they’ve got. Many are not confident by the results from previous marketing efforts, so we try to lower the bar and encourage these to increase their visibility.

Web content solutions

Website maintenance


Basic pages
10 /mo
  • E-mail account
    (1 mail box)
  • 1Gt server space


More images and content
20 /mo
  • E-mail account
    (3 mail boxes)
  • 2,5Gt server space


Complex sites and webshops
30 /mo
  • E-mail account
    (5 mailboxes)
  • 5Gt server space

Extra services

  • Order a domain or re-direction starting from. 20,00€

    Do you need a new domain or do you wish to re-direct one that you own already to your new site?

  • Technical support for development starting from. 30,00€/h

    We won't leave you on your own, as we support with future updates and fixes.

  • Need more space or mail boxes? starting from. 5,00€

    Run out of space? No worries, as we offer more space and mail boxes for 5,00€/mo/Gt or per mail box.

Solutions for marketing

You have to be visible to be found

Today’s marketing is more versatile than before, but you don’t need to know and do everything yourself.

What, where and when? How much and is it worth it? These are the questions we ask before taking a decision to increase visibility through marketing. Visibility is still critical to being found! 

What are your needs? Contact us and let’s figure it out together!

Marketing services
Real food has a story

Consumer awareness and responsibility are growing trends which are developing more pressure on stores and restaurants to support local producers.

We bring local producers and their stories into stores, restaurants and distributors, so these can provide a more transparent food chain and more local produce to their customers.

Our service takes shopping and dining to a new level of experiences.

For stores, restaurants, distributors and refiners

Solutions for growth and market analytics

Let's keep things simple

Analytics is an important part for developing visibility. We help finding out what works and what doesn’t.

Branding, service design and authentic stories are keys to success. We help you forge and follow your marketing strategies.

We help you find new potential partners and open doors to new opportunities.

Services for growth and market analytics

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+358 (0) 50 544 9957

Our european customer service is available on weekdays from 9am to 6pm. (EET / UTC+2)



Our european customer service is available on weekdays from 9am to 6pm.