Comments and Review Guidelines

The intention of the comments and reviews is to provide feed back to the Producers and share User/Customer experiences.

We reserve the right to remove without notification comments or comments which are flagged and found in breach of our guidelines. Users who indulge in particularly egregious commenting behaviour may be permanently barred from further participation in conversations. We cannot enter into correspondence about deletions or bans.

Please follow the below guidelines to ensure Your and other Users’ good user experiences.

  1. Do not make personal remarks
  2. No SHOUTING in the comments or reviews
  3. No Hate Speech (Comments or reviews which are racist, sexist, homophobic, offensive on the ground of religion, nationality or demographics will be immediately removed)
  4. Do not make threatening or harassing comments or reviews
  5. Do Not Troll
  6. Do Not give out any personal information in the comments or reviews
  7. Do Not try to sell your products or services in a review or comment area of another user.
  8. Keep all reviews and comment clear

Reports of violation will possibly lead to account suspension or termination.

ProLocalis Oy is not responsible for any comments made within individual reader reviews or comments. The reader reviews are uploaded to this site with good faith on behalf of the individual reader. ProLocalis also retains the right to edit or delete comments where We see fit.

These guidelines will help You use Our services. If You encounter any misuse or violation of the guidelines, please report them to:



Effective January 24, 2019

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