About ProLocalis

We help consumers and tourists to find locally produced goods, services and authentic experiences by offering a one-stop channel to find locally produced food and beverage, handcrafts and art, services and authentic tourism experiences.

We want to provide an option to mass-production and crowded mainstream sights, so we help local producers by democratizing the visibility, supporting to brand and market their products and services at online market.

What we offer

As new generations adopt new, more technical solutions and tools for marketing and commerce, the gap to those that fall behind in the digital era grows bigger. Through our own experiences we’ve recognized the possibility to be reactive and answer the growing demand.

ProLocalis provides an easy to use and cost efficient tool to help our producers gain a democratized visibility, independent of technical skills or marketing budgets that offers consumers a one-stop channel to find local produce and experiences on the road and on demand.

For consumers and tourists
For producers
For municipalities and local districts
For stores and restaurants


Download the ProLocalis app from Appstore, Google Play, Amazon appstore & Samsung Galaxy apps  and create your profile, it’s free! If you need any help regarding setting up or managing your profile, please let us know and we’re hands on!

The business has to be privately owned and the owners have to be involved in production and sales, hence the lifestyle.

The operation languages in the proto-version are English, Swedish and Finnish. At the moment the content is what producers enter into their profiles. We are currently developing our 2nd generation app and will include several other main languages and automatic translations.

Just contact us and we’ll set up your profile in our lifestyle catalogue and connect your producers. We’re currently developing our platform so in the future, you can operate your accounts control panel yourselves.

Just contact us and we’ll set up your profile and provide you the tools to create the list we can implement into our database. We’re currently developing our platform, so in the future you can add free sights, activities and events and operate your accounts control panel yourselves.

The story behind ProLocalis

The thoughts behind ProLocalis​

What if you could source all the unknown pearls in your local community, that would bring so much more to your life and curate your experiences?

What if you didn’t have to go through several different searches and channels to find local produce, services or authentic experiences?

What if the producers providing us with food and beverage, handcrafts and artesanal goods, services and tourism experiences would profit a little more so they could keep up the good work?

What if it was easier to reach locally produced goods and services to replace mass production and crowded attractions? Wouldn’t life be so much richer?

The founder and the team

The founder and CEO, Christos Granqvist, father of two, entrepreneur and local producer himself, decided to act to help empower local communities and offer a tool to democratize the visibility of local produce, sights, events and activities and offer consumers and tourists a one-stop channel to source these.

Working with a team with great experience, know-how and global connections and focusing on developing a concept of a thousand minds together with producers, mentors and partners has been an incredible ride and this is just the beginning!

Something in mind?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.