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We help consumers and tourists find locally produced goods, services and authentic experiences

We offer a one-stop channel to find locally produced food and beverage, handcrafts and art, services and tourism experiences.

We want to offer an option to mass-production and crowded mainstream sights. We strive to serve different communities for a more aware and responsible lifestyle by supporting sustainable solutions.

We help local producers by democratizing the visibility and by helping them brand and market their products and services

Local producers are looking for channels to increase their visibility, but many are left behind when it comes do digitalization. As modern tools and trends are unfamiliar, the step for marketing feels hard to overcome. In many cases previous marketing efforts have been unsuccessful and therefore the trust in their opportunities has diminished.

We offer all local producers a free visibility. Disregarding of technical skills or marketing budgets, ProLocalis offers a democratized visibility to answer the demand of the aware and growing consuming community.

We help restaurants and retailers source new contacts and products

Does your new menu need a new ingredient or your store a new product? We connect businesses with local producers to bring more locally produced to the professional kitchens and the shelves.

Restaurants, cafes, small shops or larger grocery stores can easily source their closest producers with our mobile app.

We offer a tool for hotels and tourism offices to recommend authentic experiences for their guests

Think about all those dusty flyer stands with outdated information. Imagine that we could forget all that fuzz and extra waste and not having language barriers to share the information?

Our mobile app offers a channel to find the best that local communities have to offer and an easy-to-use tool to find the most authentic experiences and alternatives to main-stream crowded attractions.